Four totally different guys from a town in southern Germany found their ways together to make music. Though their motives to make music might be different, they share the same motivation, which could be classified as Anger Management. This is what makes their songwriting so special: four diverse characters combine their personal feelings in their songs. Heavy Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Country, Hardcore, Screamo, Jazz and Blues elements lumped together and mixed voila, an audio delight, embellished with creativeness, individuality and uniqueness. Muffdiver's style lives by the unexpected. Sometimes they draw up ballads, sometimes they destroy them, to make their sound drift into a different, partly contrastive style.

Punkrock songs turn into apparently improvised Jazz songs, refined with an air of uncertainty, which leaves the listener in suspense for further development of the music. Listening to Muffdiver, you never know what happens next. The chaos which is present in many everyday situations concentrates in their musical interpretations. Feelings flow together and the borderlines between love, anger, fear, joy and misery disappear.

The listener either remains distraught by Muffdiver or becomes automatically fascinated. Understanding Muffdiver means getting involved in the band's complex array of emotions.

Since 2001 Muffdiver have been: Simon Vogl (guitar), Hans Ebnet (bass), Ulrich Schoepe (drums) and Andreas Weindl (vocals). Performing with clenched fists of energy, these four versatile musicians naturally turn the stage into their own chaotic dancefloor.
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6me Nuits de la Musique, le samedi 01/05/1993 (Hall Polyvalent)