Bêtes de scène pour du rockabilly en provenance de Hongrie...

Tom Stormy (drums), after 10 years playing with Mystery Gang, cameforth with a brand new rockabilly act named 'The Tom Stormy Trio'. The band has already finished recording their first album 'Respect For The '50s as well as filming a very cool video to go along with it. Tom is one of the leading bad boys of the hungarian rockabilly scene. With 10 years of playing drums in Mystery Gang, more than 1500 gigs, a number of albums published by japanese, british, american and german labels, the organizing of three international festivals in Budapest, self-made radio programs, movie scores, cooperating on compilation albums published all around the world behind him - you could say he's a busy guy! - Tom's career arrived to yet another milestone.
Tom invited Buddy Benkey on double-bass and the 10.000 volt singer-guitarist Long Tall Sonny to his trio.
Watch out! This stuff is hot! It will turn a household pussycat into a roaring mother lion!

Tom and his manager Aron Kiss have another new project on the go titled BomBAlarm - a traveling rockabilly circus which has already hit big on the hungarian scene. The show includes koncerts, a rockin' DJ, pin-up girls, hot rods, filtered erotica, tattooing, and everything else to make it 100% rockabilly! It's a tornado touching down from the sky blaring the message of Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Vincent, Elvis and all the old friends: 'Where the Rockabilly Circus lands, nothing but Rock 'n' Roll stands!

tom_stormy.jpg tom-stormy-trio-ded-la4.jpg


Ftes de la Musique, le dimanche 19/06/2011 (Centre Culturel d'Izel)